Friday, August 24, 2012

Poor Nanny

My poor nanna had a fall yesterday, look at what she did to her face and wrist.

Me and mum were up the hospital with her for a couple of hours yesterday.  She's in so much pain.  Turns out she has a urine infection and that would appear to be the reason why she fell.  Apparently????

I went round to her house this morning to see what sort of night she had and to see if she had a good nights sleep.  She didn't seem to be too bad but her eye is really swollen and she has a really bad black eye.

She has been over the town with mum and me this morning. Someone said to her "OMG, what happened to you?" to which nanna replied, "Yeah it's all cool, you should see the other guy!" She said to me and my children, "I didn't come through the war to let a fall stop me now." Bless her.

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