Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mother's Day Bling

Hi peeps

A late addition to my blog this evening. Just had to share this card with you as I have spent the best part of this evening making it, despite the fact that the children are going back to school tomorrow, after a LONG half term week off work with them. Phew! I'll be glad to go back to work next week for a rest.

Despite my busy week at home with the children, you'll be pleased to hear that I STILL HAVE NOT GIVEN INTO TEMPTATION and still haven't had a cigarette since the 10th January... YAY ME!

Anyway, sorry, I'm rambling on again aren't I??? Here is the card to which I was referring to earlier. A Mother's Day card commission that I just had to do on brown paper wrapping and add a few other finishing touches to. Not a CAS card but hey I think it still works. I love it, so even if you don't, it's all good. Hayley, who ordered the card in the first place loves it and the customer is ALWAYS right.

I was tempted to add 'more' to it though, but Steve persuaded me not too as he thought it was enough with the roses and the bling and the letters and the sentiment. Perhaps he is right, I don't know. I do still feel that perhaps something is missing with the letters though, it just doesn't look right. I'd love to hear your thoughts if you have the time to leave a brief comment. If not, thanks for visiting anyway.

Right, off to beddie-bies for me, need my eight hours now I am getting old you know. Gonna be FORTY this May, can't believe it... I still feel like an eighteen-year-old on the inside, when did this ageing, middle aged thingy thing start?? Help! Anyway, going to down a pint of water now and I'll see you all again this week sometime, I hope.

Take care, sleep tight and god bless


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