Monday, August 31, 2009

Challenge Candy...

This one is especially for Shazza (as she has informed me that she has NEVER made a Hallowe'en card), but is open to Sarn, Julie, Mandy, Caz and anyone else who would like to get involved, despite your crafting ability - from beginners to advanced crafters, all are welcome.

I am offering some great 'surprise' blog candy as a special incentive to the winner PLUS a runner up prize. STEVE will be doing the judging as he doesn't know much about card making at all and will be judging the winning card on individuality, colour coordination, style and appeal. So here's the important bit...
  1. Your entry must be HALLOWE'EN themed. You may use any sketch layout that you favour but an extra ghoul point will be awarded for individuality.

  2. You must use at least three or four different hallowe'en type colours, any of the following are acceptable: yellow, orange, red, purple, green and of course... black! An additional ghoul point will be awarded to anyone managing to combine ALL of the above colours.

  3. Your main ghoulish image must be decoupaged.

I know this one involves a lot of gruelling work but I'm sure that you will be pleased with the end results and, as an extra bonus, you will still have time to send it to someone in time for Hallowe'en.

The closing date for this challenge is September 30th 2009, so that gives you plenty of time to get your creative juices flowing. To ensure that neither of you leaves it until the last ghouling minute to get creating, an additional prize will be awarded to the FIRST card received whether you are a winner, runner up or not.

So, I hope that that has given you enough ghouling incentive to get going and I look forward to receiving your entries. All entries are to be emailed to and will be posted on my blog to announce the winner and the runner up. Happy crafting to all you ghouls and good luck...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Penny Black Birthday

Another card for my mum's birthday. This one was made for my nan to give her. Mum has a thing about dogs so I used my Penny Black stamp, mounted with nestabilities and added some background paper and flowers to colour co-ordinate. I then coloured the image with my Tombow pens and added the Penny Black 'Happy Birthday' image and then stuck some letters below to add her name. Nan loves it so lets hope mum does too.

Friends are Life (not just for Christmas)

A Penny Black Christmas Card. I love this image. I used a design from my Card Making and Papercraft magazine and I think it turned out really well. I added some of the free papers and then added some ribbon and flower embellishments. I then coloured the image with my Tombow pens and mounted it to the front of the card.

Hallowe'en 2009

This card was made using some things that I discovered in my craft drawer that were purchased (probably) years ago when I first started crafting and never found a use for until now. I decided to make a couple of hallowe'en cards for my friends as they have started dressing up their houses like I do. I have also started making a hanging mobile of bats and witches that I can add to my decorations this year for when the little darlings knock on my door. Ha Ha Ha.
Sarn will recognise this one... the reason we are friends today. I bought this Penny Black stamp (my very first one) from Sarn on Ebay many, many years ago and we have been friends ever since. I added it to the front of this card as he looked so cute and I didn't want to overpower the background. I used my CuttleBug embossing plate of a spiders web onto orange card and then rubbed a black Stayzon gently over the top and then added it to the front of black cardstock. I added the ribbon and then cut out two black trees from the leftover cardstock to add a little dimension to the card. Happy Hallowe'en (a few months early I know but hey, you've got to be prepared..haven't you?)

Side Step Card (2nd Attempt)

Thanks to Caz and Sarn who sent me the correct measurements for the side step card. I decided to be a bit creative with it and made a 'church' for a christening card. I opened the doors and added a picture on the inside of a forever friends bear with baby. The image of the window on the inside includes the window and I decided to follow that design through by hand drawing the windows on the door and the windows on the building. I think I managed to match them up pretty well.

Anyway, thanks to Caz and Sarn, I managed to get the measurements spot on and it stands and folds perfectly.

Forever Lavender

This is a card I made for my mum's birthday (1st September). She loves lilac and this background paper from Basic Grey is just black and white and I added some lilac to it with my lilac Tombow pen. I then made the shaker with a Forever Friends stamp, some 'sprinkles', sequins and fairy dust.

I then mounted it onto scalloped mirri card and added the lilac dragonfly and the lavender flowers with gemstones from PoundLand. I think it's very effective with the black, grey and white background paper. Hope she likes it?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Scalloped Froggies

I was a little naughty yesterday... I bought some nestabilities for my Big Shot from Sue's Craft Stall in Watford Market and decided to have a little play with them last night. I really wanted the scalloped circles but she didn't have them and so talked me into buying the squares instead. Nevertheless, I am really pleased with how they look on the card.

Sarn sent me the stamped Penny Black image ages ago and I thought it looked perfect. The background paper also went really well too (again, another purchase I made years ago and never really had the heart to cut into it - we've all been there girls!). Anyway, I consulted my inspiration jar and it told me to use a Penny Black image, a background paper that had never been used, flowers and an animal embellishment (hence the dragonfly). My mum got these for me from Tesco's, bless her. They come in a pack of four and come in green, pink, yellow and lilac so I thought the green one would look best with this colour scheme despite there being yellow circles on the background paper. Hope you like it???

Forever Friends

Hi Girls (and guys)
Having recently just returned from Ibiza, Lianne made a friend called Georgia and when we returned to the UK it was her birthday, so we made her a special card. She loves pink and this card certainly is PINK!
I used a selection of my Forever Friends stamps and added some cupcakes and flowers and gemstones. We started by cutting 2 x A5 cards and joined the backs together. Then we folded sections of the front of the cards to make it open (sort of like a shirt) which we thought would make it a little different. Then we added some coloured background papers to each of the sections and then added the stamped images which we cut out and decoupaged. A lot of work really, but she telephoned to say that she loved it, which made Lianne feel pretty good as she helped me make it.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Side Step Card (1st Attempt)

This is my first attempt at making a side step card. I think I got some of the instructions slightly off though as the card will not lay flat in a concertina style so sending it to someone would be impossible unless I actually laid it out flat flat and then posted it which would mean the recipient then having to re-fold it together and most of my friends, believe it or not, or at least the ones that aren't 'crafty' wouldn't know what to do with it.

What a Hoot!

I love this image and couldn't wait to use it, courtesy of my friend Linda. She's so cute. I decided to make it a she by adding all the cutesy eyelashes. I have also glazed the eyes but it doesn't show very well in this picture. Hope you like it and it gives you some inspiration. I coloured it with my ProMarkers and highlighted various areas with my plain white pencil. Sharon, another friend, sent me the circle greeting, which I love and have already used loads, thanks Shazza.