Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stuffin' my Face

Another image received from Diane, bless her. Coloured him in and 3D'd the cake although this picture was taken before I decouped it. Added a pink background and layered onto white base cardstock. Added two little crystal gems in each corner (not an odd number I know but it seems to work). I also added a red gem on the cherry on top of the cake, but again, this was after taking the photo.

Piggin' Brilliant

It's Steve's friend Mark's birthday on the 16th February and this card just about sums him up. I received the image from an ebay friend so have no idea who makes it, in fact I have never seem it before but he was just too cute not to use one day, this one has been in a selection that I have had for a while and thought 'one day i'll get around to using that one' and then got filed away, I found this after the move when I was sorting through all my craft stuff. The image was coloured in with pencils and the flowers came from Tesco's. Mounted onto grey coloured card and then added to the pink cardstock, I know pink usually isn't a MAN'S colour but it suited the image and I'm sure Mark will understand...??? The handwriting below is my own.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Snowy Day

One last thing before I go... I just wanted to add this beautiful image of a snowy day tree that Lianne photographed in the week. The tree is across the road from my parents' house in the park and it just looked so gorgeous with the snow everywhere. I think she takes quite a good picture for a child of 11. Anyway, here's to snowy days and the beginning of Spring (hopefully)!

Home Sweet Home

This is my LAST offering today so you can see I have been busy lately. Again, another set of images posted to me from Diane, which I coloured in simply with pencils and mounted onto blue cardstock. Added blue and yellow flowers with mini gemstones and stones from 'Poundland'. I remembered Sarn's 'odd' rule and only added five flowers instead of my usual symmetrical collection of flowers to hopefully make this simple card more appealing to the eye as there is not much going on here. Just really simple and hopefully greatfully received.

Tree O' Love

Another image that was posted by snail mail to me very kindly by Diane, thanks hon. I love these little bugs which are standing by a Tree o' Love.

I decoupaged some of the hearts to make it more 3D and added the flowers and the gemstones. The circle with '14 Feb' inside was sent with the bugs so I'm not sure who they are created by but it worked well together, Although the image was stamped with Stayzon, I decided not to watercolour it but kept the colours bold by just colouring them with pencils. Some of the leaves look blue in the picture but they are in fact all green just darker shades.

Pirate's Ahoy!

Another owl picture that was given to me with the sunflower owl, still not sure who they are made by (sorry). This one is quite cute and perfect for a child's birthday. I kept it simple as was the other owl card, by simply mounting it onto blue and green cardstock and then re-mounting onto white cardstock to finish. Added blue and green mini gemstone's into the corners. Kept the colouring to blue's and green's to match the background.

You're a Hoot!

I love this image so much. Not sure who it's made by as I was sent these images. Kept it simple by mounting it on orange to match the sunflower and then mounting again onto brown cardstock, not two of my favourite colours but I think this worked rather well. Added black and gold mini gemstones to the corners to complete. Wording at the bottom was given to me by (adopted mum) Julie.

Norton's Love

I love this bear. Again, images were sent to me by a friend of a friend which I coloured in using pencils and hand drew the border around the outside. The 'I Love You' writing at the bottom is my own handwriting too which I highlighted in areas using a white pencil to add depth. He's gorgeous isn't he???

Abi-Normal RIP

Before I continue adding pictures to my blog, I just wanted to add a little note to let everyone that my beloved Abi-Normal passed away in January. She is at Rainbow Brigde with my never forgotten Digger and is at peace now. Sadly, she had a brain tumour and despite the vet's best efforts to make her comfortable she never recovered. She will always forever be in our hearts. God bless Abi, sweet dreams my baby.

It Mice be Love

This is another offering from the wonderful world of Penny Black. I love these mice and they were sent to me by Sarn, many many moons ago. I finally found a way of incorporating them into a Valentine's Card. I think they came out rather well with the flower and gem stone embellishments.

Orange & Black Challenge

This card was made for a little personal 'Snow Day' challenge between myself and Sarn. She's posted her challenge card to her blog annd also to me, which was lovely to receive by 'Snail Mail'. Anyway, this was my offering, a little bit toooooo orangey compared to hers but I had to work with what I had. I don't think it came out too badly considering. I think the flowers are Penny Black but can't be sure as it was a selection of images received from friends when I moved out as I couldn't find all of my stamps so these were sent to keep me going in the meantime.

Valentine Kitty's

I made this Valentine's Card for my boss who wanted something special and handmade for his beloved Jayne. Hope he likes it. He has also added a personal poem inside, but it's too personal for me to add to my blog, just in case she should happen to see it before Valentine's Day. Image is Whipper Snapper.

Okay girls....are you ready for this?

How could I start my comeback without a Penny Black stamp??? I love this one. I received these stamp images as a present from an e-bayer to welcome me back, bless her! Hope she likes what I have done with it.